Artist Statement

Rebecca Miller is an American born artist from the city of Chicago. Initially an early career in modeling, with years of traveling into foreign lands heavily inspired Miller. The cultural vibrancy of the people, music, architecture, and museums caused endless creative stimulation. In 1997, during the peak of this stimulus, Miller discovered an extraordinary connection to the medium of paint, which she has now allowed to speak to her through a rigorous daily practice.

Miller’s motive is to transcend the human emotional experience as well as the paint itself. For example Miller’s antique sheet music series, she was motivated by the idea of creating beauty from things discarded and forgotten. While exploring a 1907 mansion Miller uncovered stacks of aging sheet music wasting away. These beautiful, tattered, time stained sheets tapped into a surge of creative energy and spurred ideas in her. Drifting off to a long gone era was a powerful experience and it seemed natural to use these forgotten sheets instead of the present-day counterpart. To breath life into decay, even if only an object is intrinsically appealing, ultimately her hope is that by encouraging nostalgia in the viewer, the overall emotive impact of each of the pieces in that series is heightened.

Rebecca Miller's works can be found in International collections from the US to Europe. Some collectors include; Duff & Susan McKagan, Gun's N Roses/Velvet Revolver/Author & Former Super Model/Designer/Writer for the Huffington Post. Ed & Jill Vedder, Pearl Jam & Co founder & Vice Chairman at EB Research Partnership, Mike & Ashley McCready, Pearl Jam, The Buffett Family, The Shefler Family, CEO Stolichnaya, Michael Kelly, CEO Kelly Capital.